Working with Trade Price Cars dealership  have contributed to an additional 30 Sales per month yielding around £378,000 extra income.



Aimed at Sales Advisers to make a positive impact on these calls and achieve gaining and giving the right information. The Training can be delivered in a one day workshop with follow up sessions planned to continue the consistency in your team.


 ✔️ Clear and consistent appointment rates across the board, no matter the experience of the staff or who is handling the calls.

✔️ Allow your customers to feel valued during the calls with little known questions to include to automatically gain the trust of the caller.

✔️ Minimum 70% Appointment rate targets should be met and adhered to, post TalkSales Europe training.

✔️ Sample scripts and call structures that work incredibly well, right from the start.


Our aim is to train Sales Advisers on achieving an appointment rate of 70% on inbound calls on this program.

Customers can reach out and contact Dealerships in many different ways, both physical and non-physical TalkSales Have been specialising in Training on Inbound Telephone sales enquiries for over 15 years. This is often an area that training that can be neglected by some Dealerships which means the advisers are not trained effectivley on getting the best results from inbound sales calls.

Research suggests that customers that phone in to a business are much closer to a buying decision than a ‘walk-in’ customer. This is very evident when you look at conversion rates for these two types of customers. Always higher for appointed customers.

How does your business perform in this area?

After the initial Introduction workshop, we then build the program success by continued onsite visits working and coaching the Sales Advisers 1-2-1, reviewing calls taken, ‘playback’ calls taken and critique together and role playing different call scenario’s.

All of these have proven to be excellent in accelerating the learning and to imbed the skills even better. We close each session with a management debrief and communicate Advisers agreed action plans.


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