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On Site Mentoring

The key objectives of the On Site Mentoring is to accelerate the sales and service advisors within their roles. We also help ensure Advisors are able to deliver an even better customer experience so they can achieve fantastic results for themselves within the business.

Foundational Workshops

The Role of a Service Adviser has changed immensely in the last 4 to 5 years, with even more focus on creating income opportunities and generating more revenue. We help unlock this for your team in our innovative one day workshops.

Staff Recruitment

Hiring the right staff can be a long drawn out process that becomes more and more difficult. We put you at ease and handle the process for you, cherry picking the candidates we feel would be most suited to your respective dealership.

How Do We Coach?

Half-Day Visit

For smaller groups of 3-5 service advisors, typically meaning we can really hone and improve specific elements of the service process.

Full-Day Visit

For larger groups of 6-12 service advisors, typically over a couple of days to really embed a service platform training process.


This training is aimed at developing service advisors to improve both their quality and confidence of their service skills. We introduce a number of call structures to help Advisers build rapport, qualify and offer a quality timed appointment.

Overdeliver With Your Service Team

Tell us what you need and we’ll review and discuss what will work best for you.