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Inbound Call Training

We help Sales Advisers recognise the importance of professionally handling the call, how to create positive first impressions of your business, along with introducing and role playing ‘tried and tested’ call structures to help deliver a consistent approach and style on the phone to improve results.

Foundational Workshops

We focus on face to face, telephone and negotiating skills along with activity management ‘best practises’ to help get experienced and newly hired sales advisors ‘toolkit’ even bigger. We focus on the customer sales journey to maximise results.

Lead Generation Workshops

This training is aimed at developing sales advisors to improve both their quality and confidence of their outbound call skills. We introduce a number of call structures to help Advisers build rapport, qualify and offer a quality timed appointment.

How Do We Coach?

Half-Day Visit

For smaller groups of 3-5 sales advisors, typically meaning we can really hone and improve specific elements of the sales process.

Full-Day Visit

For larger groups of 6-12 sales advisors, typically over a couple of days to really embed a sales platform training process.


Covering many aspects of the sales advisors activity including, lead generation skills, inbound and outbound telephone skills amongst others.

Build Your Sales Systems And Delivery

Tell us what you need and we’ll review and discuss what will work best for you.