New Starter Workshops

The TalkSales onboarding workshops work well to let delegates know what expected of them in their new roles and how to deliver on those expectations for the business. In our experience, both these values have a huge impact on lowering new starter attrition & increasing retention which means saving money.

Research by TalkSales has identified that 80% of new starters to the industry leave within 8 months, this because new starters do not have a clear L& D  plan in place and outside of Manufacturer portal training are ‘starved’ basic selling skills training.

The program is a clear investment In getting the best out of every new starter. Independent research suggests that the cost of re-hiring another Sales Adviser, taking into account,  time spent filtering CV’s, candidates, interview time,  advertising costs, Agency fees, salary & NI, HR administration time,  Car & fuel, training fees + loss Sales in dealership due staff shortages, this can be as much as £35,000 per person.

The message from this, do all you can to get it right first time. Yes there is an investment/cost to do this, but what’s the true cost of not doing it?

Also on the onboarding workshop,  there may be some established Sales Advisers that would benefit from a ‘reboot’ on the basics too.

The location of the onboarding Workshop can be delivered on-site or a convenient hotel to the Business.

Fully interactive Two -Day Onboarding Workshop for new starters

This to cover the ‘Why’s’ the ‘What’s’ and the ‘How’s’ so new starters are clear on expectations in their new role.
  • Introduce core values of the business
  • ‘Must know’ stats about the ‘car buying public’. 
  • Create a high Performance ‘Mindset’
  • Introduce the framework for the Customer Journey- how to get the best from every showroom visit
  • B.O.S.S. strategy
  • Introduce ‘Best practice’ telephone standards how to turn more calls to appointments & sales
  • ‘Best practice’ enquiry management for Lead management & Follow up
  • Workshop would include several ‘role play’ and practice sessions to help embed skills even more. 
  • End of workshop test with ‘minimum score’ requirement from each delegate to get a pass. 
  • Action Plans agreed (and sent to line Managers to follow-up)

Fully Interactive One- day Follow-Up Workshop for new starters (8 -10 weeks post initial onboarding workshop) on -site

This to cover the ‘Why’s’ the ‘What’s’ and the ‘How’s’ so new starters are clear on expectations in their new role.
  • Pre workshop questionnaire to delegates – what do they need support with? 
  • Review of agreed actions from the Onboarding workshop for each delegate 
  • What’s been achieved? & what hasn’t?
  • Review of Customer Journey 
  • Review of Best Practice telephone standards 
  • Review on enquiry management standards & lead follow-up
  • Action plans agreed. ( and sent to Line Managers to follow -up)

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