Inbound & Lead Generation Call Training

These are a one day workshop where we ‘walk’ the Sales Advisers through getting the best out of every Sales  enquiry that initiates with a phone call  into the business. For Sales Advisers this almost like a ‘software update’  workshop  that we get on  our smartphones

Our research in this area over many years has proven this area is still a huge ‘achilles heel’ with less than 10% of calls going into Dealerships being converted to a timed appointment with good information gained by the Sales Adviser.

We move Sales advisers from being ‘unconsciously incompetent’ on the phone to ‘unconsciously Competent’ which means best practise happens naturally. We shift the 10% appointment rate up to a minimum expected benchmark of 50%. Imagine the difference this could make to your business ?

Hands On & Practical Lead Generation Workshop (on-site in your business)

This to cover the ‘Why’s’ the ‘What’s’ and the ‘How’s’ so new starters are clear on expectations in their new role.
  • More organised approach to an abundant amount of leads
  • Sales Advisers to prioritize this as daily habit & activity.
  • Know how overcome customer objections.
  • Use proven call structures to drive better results.
  • Get more appointments to sell cars 😊

Hands on & Practical Inbound call Training Workshop 

This to cover the ‘Why’s’ the ‘What’s’ and the ‘How’s’ so new starters are clear on expectations in their new role.

  • For the Sales Adviser to create a welcoming and professional first impression to the caller.
  • Improve attention to detail and the accuracy of information gathered.
  • Introduce proven call ‘success model’ for Sales Advisers to help get better results.
  • Boost more sales calls to timed appointments- not disappointments.
  • Sales Advisers are ‘mission ready’ for calls.
  • Get more appointments & sell more cars

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