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This is aimed at either ‘new’ to the industry Sales or Service Advisers and the more experienced Sales or Service Advisers. Delivered weekly or bi weekly one-2 -one coaching to sales and service people in a number of areas to drive better performance.


  • Accelerate and develop the skills of your sales and service teams.
  • Create consistency in your team with clearly defined action plans each team member must complete, daily.
  • Improve customer (and staff retention) through the art of building trusting relationships.


These sessions are either an am or pm, with around an hour spent with each Team member.


The 1-2-1 sessions by TalkSales Trainers connect well with all advisers by being open and honest in exploring areas of improvement which includes Inbound Telephone sales enquiries, taking advisers through the proven and effective inbound call structure, objection handling techniques and role play this to get as near to perfect as possible.

Appointment rates can increase up to 70% on inbound calls, what difference would this make to your Dealership?

We also focus on outbound call ’Lead Generation’ calls. We advise on how to initiate contact with customers from different sources including service customers, ‘Orphan’ owners on the database, Digital enquiries that have arrived from your or your Manufacturers website or customer’s that enquired but have still not purchased yet.

We introduce a number of call structures to help Advisers build rapport , qualify and offer a quality timed appointment, I’m sure we all agree elite sales team have to be super proactive with quality and consistent calls to drive even more appointments in to the business. How well do your teams convert these calls into business opportunities?

To take advantage of the additional appointments arriving from the above its even more critical the Advisers have the training and development to deliver a fantastic sales process to maximise the results.

TalkSales takes advisers through our proven and effective Ten step Sales Process which develops the Advisers on each element of the process and the importance of getting these delivered Consistently with every customer opportunity coming into the showroom.

To become an ‘elite’ sales person we work with the Sales Advisers to think about a 5 star* approach and attitude to help the customer choose the right product and stand out from the ever increasing competition.

TalkSales make these very practical and interactive coaching sessions to assist Sales Advisers gain confidence, add new skills and become consistent. With each session over time, we help embed skills so they become a real habit for the Sales Advisers.

We close the session with a management debrief on the training delivered and communicate agreed action plans agreed with each adviser.