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Aimed at Sales Advisers to help develop their outbound call skills with easy to follow, and highly converting call scripts. The Training can be delivered in a one day workshop with follow up sessions planned to continue the consistency in your team.


  • Develop Sales Advisors outbound call skills with our proven and effective call structures to ensure quality and efficiency with every call.
  • Drive consistency across the board with your sales advisors to ensure a professional dealership appearance over the phone.
  • Generate more appointments coming into your business
  • Boost conversion (and sales) rates due to our proven strategies that have worked for over 15 years


Session times would run 9am to 5pm.


Imagine what difference gaining one more appointment per Sales Adviser per day would make to your business results.

We focus on outbound call ‘Lead Generation’ calls with the Advisers to show them how many additional sales can be achieved when we deliver high quality Lead Generation calls.

We advise on how to initiate contact with customers from different sources including customers, ‘Orphan’ owners on the database, Digital enquiries that have arrived from your or your Manufacturers website or customer’s that enquired previously but have still not purchased yet.

We introduce a number of call structures to help Advisers build rapport, qualify and offer a quality timed appointment. I’m sure we all agree that elite sales teams have to be ‘super proactive’ with quality and consistent calls to drive even more appointments into the business.

Our approach is very ‘hands on’ in the workshops, by TalkSales Trainers demonstrating how to make the calls in ‘real life’ in front of the Advisers using our proven & effective call structures that achieve fantastic results,, we have discovered that this part of the workshops accelerates the learning and development of the team, when they actually hear the calls being made it transfers the skills much more effectively.

We also use role play within the workshops to help practise and ‘hone’ the call quality


How well do your team’s convert these calls into business opportunities?