We’re fortunate to work with some of the best dealerships within the UK and abroad. Throughout our decades of experience we’ve helped the following groups deliver greater sales along with clearer staff development plans ensuring each group is able to sustain growth in the current financial climate.

Fantastic to start working with Cambria Group recently, at County Motor works Vauxhall in Essex, this was to introduce to the Sales team and new starters about 3 Key basics , 1- The customer Journey for all showroom opportunities , 2-  Inbound Telephone enquiries and ‘maxing’ the appointment rate and show ups. Along with 3- how to generate even more appointments from outbound Lead generation calls, with all three achieving some outstanding results for the Group which we are delighted to achieve.

We have recently started a Group wide Service Training Program with Brindley Garages Group., working with Senior Management , Service Managers and Service Advisers to launch a group Service Development Program. This is aimed at achieving consistency in the multi franchise Group , including Honda, Vauxhall, Kia ,Hyundai, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Volvo & Mazda brands. This is for the business to yield even better results from inbound calls turning more into bookings , developing eVHC skills and objection handling techniques to uplift revenue for the business. All these plus more to be combined with delivering an exceptional customer experience leading to an even higher retention of customers for the business.

TalkSales have been proudly delivering training and developing Palmers for a number of years ,  mentoring and coaching across the Group with Bi weekly visits , this involves coaching the sales and service teams 1-2-1 on key elements in  their roles to help develop the teams to achieve outstanding results for the Group. This has helped New Sales and Service advisers accelerate performance with consistency and enthusiasm and see so many new starters maintain the progress over the years.

Working with Ken brown has led to a number of projects to help improve sales and performance, notably one of these has been regular physical mystery shops and a Group monthly review with senior Management ,Sales Managers, Sales advisers , this has proven to be an effective way of getting the Sales Team to focus on the basics and build consistency around the group.

Having started the TalkSales Sales Development ‘in dealer’ program around 3 years ago at LEVC this was another  exciting brand to be involved with. With the product aimed Directly at the ‘Black Cab Trade’ around London and the whole of the UK from the outgoing TX-4 diesel to the all new and exciting Full electric TX- 5 Model, We worked with the Sales Team to help develop Improved Lead Generation Calls leading to more appointments and a huge focus on converting inbound telephone enquiries to timed appointments. A privilege to work with LEVC.

TalkSales have been the training provider for 4 years now at the  ‘the Co’ !, delivering in that time at least 25 three day Sales Foundation workshops for new and experienced Sales Advisers across the group to learn and develop the Wilson & Co sales process to help maximise results from showroom enquiries This along with a similar number of Phone Lead Generation Workshops to get even better results on the phone for the Sales departments. It’s a privilege to work with Wilson & co.

Fantastic working with the specialised used car team at Trade Price Cars in Essex who do so many things well to achieve the results we  have so far got a sparkling recommendation from the owner Dan Kirby “Richard has transformed the mentality and productivity of our sales team. His enthusiasm for making a difference in our business has driven us to a 20% increase in sales. I could not recommend Richard and Talk Sales Europe enough.”

We have been training partner for the Charters Group for a number of years . The Sales Development Program means all new starters attend a TalkSales three day Sales Foundation workshop which is interactive and dynamic to ‘walk’ the Sales Advisers through the authorized Charters Sales Process to help accelerate the success of all new sales people joining the business. We then support and follow up the Delegates with in dealer  bi -weekly coaching sessions introducing skills on inbound and outbound lead generation calls to drive the appointment rate up.


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