TalkSales Europe are automotive sales & consultancy specialists. We work across the UK with all major franchises and our clients range from vehicle manufacturers , dealer groups and franchisees. Our hands-on dealer experience enables us to deliver practical, measurable, highly effective training & development solutions for both sales and aftersales.

With a proven track record by delivering over 17,500 training sessions and accumulating more than 60,000 hours of ‘hands-on’ experience, we are uniquely positioned to help your team achieve greater success in sales.
We work at the ‘Coal face’ with the teams with a ‘show not tell’ approach to better anchor the learning points.
With a spotlight aimed at increasing sales, customer satisfaction and profit, TalkSales offers a comprehensive range of on-site coaching & mentoring programmes, telephone training, sales Lead Generation campaigns and sales development workshops. We do this by ‘unpacking’ best practise solutions, for the learners to use.
As the market becomes even more competitive, more and more businesses are turning to TalkSales to help give them the ‘competitive edge’ and help them stand out from the crowd.

We are passionate and driven towards helping your business overcome the economic challenges by maximising the full potential of your sales and aftersales operations to unlock more sales.