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TalkSales Europe is one of the leading training providers for automotive dealerships looking to increase revenue, profit and staff retention.

We teach you, the dealership, everything you need to deliver and sustain a highly efficient system in which both customers and staff are satisfied. So you can focus on what you do best and hit your goals.

The automotive industry is littered with quick sales courses and marketing programs that offer so much, yet underdeliver every single time, potentially harming your reputation, brand and business. At Talksales we take a different approach. Through our delivery and systems we relentlessly focus on customer satisfaction, profitability and sustainability to create long term success.

We empower dealerships to deliver outstanding service and sales care to grow their business and create the life they want.

Since 2004 we have helped over 850 dealers, across the UK grow their sales and staff lifecycle to the next level. We’ve been shortlisted for awards, trained other sectors and delivered over 9,000 workshops.

About Richard

Richard is a high energy sales consultant and motivational speaker who coaches and mentors both ‘family run’ to Large PLC  dealerships to increase their profits and build reputable sales and service teams within the automotive sector.

“I work with dealerships currently doing around £35-40m a year turnover to grow their sales through creating clear and consistent sales pipelines and tightening up their development path.

I have worked with dealer groups such as Palmers, to Pentagon, to London Electric Vehicle Company (L.E.V.C.) and hundreds more. Not satisfied with accepting the industry average, I joined the IMI, achieving the highest Level 4 Trainer Award in 2015, as well as being a fellow of the ISM as well as regularly speaking at conferences and Universities across the UK and Europe with Business Study Graduates”.

Richard’s concepts aren’t new but they’re effective. He strives for perfection within his dealerships so they can boost their customer retention and loyalty. He urges dealerships to show their customers the care and attention they desire, so they’re at the forefront of the buyer’s mind.

His high energy and enthusiasm across his dealerships have transformed stale sales teams, charging them with the systems and efficiency they need to take their sales and after-sales to a completely new level. You can catch up with Richard at Toastmasters events, regularly competing in regional and national competitions having been awarded the Advanced Speaker Award and the Advanced Leader Awards in 2015. In 2021 Richard was priveledged to be made an Honary Member of Toastmasters International

Richard’s journey has been a long one, from sweeping the floor in his local dealership on a part time basis, to moving up the ladder, the hard work that often goes unnoticed when building a franchise has never been forgotten.

Before building TalkSales, as a sales person Richard regularly outperformed other sales advisors in both visits, appointments and sales, which is most likely down to his  ability to remember each and every conversation.

Sales is about relationships and trust. And if you can build both of them, then you have the start of a very well oiled machine.

Over the last 16 years there’s been some incredible ups and some lows, but with each new experience, boundaries have been crossed and hurdles have been overcome.

With each business, it’s how you deal with these hurdles that ultimately decides the direction in which you’ll go.
To your success, Some Trainers can ‘talk the talk’ but where Richard is different is actually ‘walking the walk’ with learners in ‘live time’ to show them what can be done in real life.